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Shabbat Shalom Moish-uginahs!

This is my first Moishe House blog so please be gentle. I have been a part of the Moishe House community for about 2 years now. I was at the tender age of 26 and had been trying to rediscover my Jewish identity. I tried going to services at Temple Emanu-el, danced at Second Saturdays @ the Cellar, attended Mission Minyan and tried other Jewish activities that I found online. However I didn't feel any of these places fit with my unique style of Jewish living or lifestyle. I am a social person by nature and appreciate good conversation with friends and discussing my beliefs or questions with those around me.

In my first year of living in San Francisco I found myself working as a Communications Director at a Non-profit and co-managing a Funk Accordion band called Sex with No Hands...a mix of Kelzmer, Funk and 80's Rock! Half of the band is Jewish (a mix of orthodox and conservative dudes who know how to observe in style!) and introduced me to the Jewish community of San Francisco and to their traditions of holding Seders and Shabbats in their homes. While in New York on the East Coast leg of their 2008 tour I met one of my best friends...Sarah Curtain (and now current roommate) who went to school with two members of the band. Sarah eventually moved out to San Francisco and joined the Moishe House later that Fall. I started attending Shabbats, musical performances, movies and other fun activities that I really enjoyed and I finally felt that I was a part of a larger Jewish Community!

Fast forward a year and a half later...I was getting ready to moved out of the Sunset and was looking for a new place. Three of the current roommates at Moishe House were moving out and had asked me if I wanted to take a spot. It took me all of a week to make up my mind, but I gladly took the offer and have been at the Moishe House SF ever since!

I've had a chance to meet a ton of new people, create some great events and collaborate with some fantastic organizations. Over the months I have been able to bring in friends to play music (The Coo Coo Birds, Moishe House Gypsy Jazz Band and Lautaro D'Amato), made some amazing foods (German Food Themed Shabbat, Hummus Making, Indian Food Shabbat and many Vegan Dishes) and we are starting a Comic Book Club and Rotating Art Gallery which I am super excited to do!

The future is looking bright and I am excited to do so much more! Keep an eye out for our upcoming events:

Friday - February 11 - Pink Pot Luck Shabbat - Breast Cancer Awareness and Valentines Day Shabbat

Saturday - February 12 - Moishe House Wine Tasting

Sunday - February 20 - Food Bank Volunteering!

Tuesday - February 22 - Madhouse Rhythm the comedy of Joshua Walters

Thursday - February 24 - Moishe House Movie Night - Jewish Directors Series

Sunday - February 27 - Moishe House Art Show and Concert

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