Sunday, April 04, 2010


Ari B. - San Francisco

i can't believe it's already april. It's as if we've already lost a quarter of the year, but yet we still have so much to go until 2011. It's almost like losing someone in your life, or losing a member of our moishe house community. So many people come through our doors, some more than others, but it seems as though a good amount of people transplant to other cities. I guess that's inevitable for a group of 20-somethings, with grad school and job opportunities taking people all across the country. We have an email list of nearly 500 people, and I'd guess that in any given month we have 25-50 people either unsubscribe or ask to join our list. Most emails sound something like: "Hi, my name is ____ ____stein and I just moved to SF. I've heard about Moishe House and I'd love to come by." However, for every one of those emails, we also get a "Please unsubscribe me, I'm going to law school."

While that's expected, what about when a roommate leaves? How can you keep the moishe house vibe going strongly if the moveout situation isn't exactly ideal? In my experience, I think it's real important to recognize that Moishe house is bigger than all of us, and it's a true privilege to be a part of it. Understanding that we're here as a larger movement and goal should help to realize the relatively insignificant consequences of a rooommate moving out. I don't know if this is much help to anyone, but it seems to me that one of the main issues left unattended by the Moishe House organization is how for roommates to deal with one another. While we're roomies in the sense that we leave together and do non-moishe house things, we're all here for the larger purpose of carrying out Moishe House's mission statement. Have a a great month, I wish I could've written this on April 1st because I love April fools stuff.


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