Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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The new decade is upon us! Is is crazy to think the 00's have come and gone. Many of us have graduated high school and college in this quick blip of time, gotten a taste of the working world, and even gotten a chance to participate in this incredible opportunity known as Moishe House. As this year and this decade comes to an end, we will be welcoming 2 wonderful women into the full time mix here at MHSF. Dave Persyko, the eldest standing Moishe House resident turned in his keys this month, making room for a couple of other folks to take his spot, one of which is taking his bedroom, and the other is taking the often talked about and somewhat mysterious "5th bedroom".

New faces bring new energy. New energy brings fresh and creative programmatic ideas, possibilities, dreams and goals. I think it is a real treat for the three of us who have been here for over a year each to be starting this new year and new decade in partnership with two new housemates who are bringing a fresh and energetic perspective and outlook to everything Moishe we do here in San Francisco. It is awesome to also know after just 3 1/2 months living in the house, all five of us will be able to meet up with all the other Moishe Houses in Texas for the national retreat. What a special and sweet way for out new roommates to be see and hear first hand what other people in their houses are doing, after having 3 months of time here in SF to put their best foot forward, and get immersed in the wonderful Jewish community that is thriving and only getting stronger as the new year approaches.

Danny in SF

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