Sunday, October 04, 2009


Welcome to THE BAY Moishe Foundation

It's been a long long long time coming. However, after years of anticipation, the Moishe Foundation has moved to their new home, Oakland, California. Welcome to the Bay! Im really excited that David, Summer, Kevin and Jeremy are all now working so close to our home, here in San Francisco. It will be awesome to have the four of them attending events more regularly, getting to know the folks that come by our house throughout the month. It's always cool to have the people that work full time for the Foundation to be attending house events. Hopefully with the move to the area, this can become a more regular activity. It's awesome to know the next time I am in downtown Oakland I can stop by the Moishe office, hang out, have lunch, and see what's going on. I think it's awesome for the organization to have a new home! Hopefully this change in location and increase in space will continue to allow the Moishe Foundation to expand and thrive in ways unimaginable.

Danny in SF

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