Monday, September 07, 2009


The 5th bedroom

For those of you who have never been to our house, we have a 5th bedroom, although there are only 4 of us that live in the house, essentially an extra room. When I moved in, i knew it more as a storage room, also the room aaron gilbert (a MHSF alum), however i never knew it is a sleeping area. After my first few weeks in the house, a good friend of ours, ari ELDEN!, came up from san diego and spent some nice nights in the room. However, it was not until March when the room had its first international visitors. Our friend, Mauro from Buenos Aires, who is deeeeeep in the MH Buenos Aires scene and a former MHer himself, enjoyed the luxuries of 5th bedroom during his 2 1/2 week odyssey of northern california. Bay to Breakers weekend we had guests from Long Beach stay in the room. Later in May, more visitors from Buenos Aires came and went, and then in June another set of Argentinians. By mid June, we had our first and then close second Israeli guests. Again in July we had a tandem come through from southern california.

The room has gotten some attention, but it was just getting ready for the end of summer months. Beginning August 1st, Jen Rosenthal, a Sacramento MH alum, spent the month in the room while she was doing some schooling at UCSF. After a solid 30 day stint, Jen moved out. Our most recent Israeli guests, Gigi and Noyat then picked up the 5th bedroom for just over a week, in between their excursions up to Yosemite and the Redwood Forest.

Without our 5th bedroom, would our new friends have wanted to stay in our place? Well, yeah, sure they could've slept on the couch. However, by having that extra room, we are really able to share our home with our guests, allow them to have a private and comfortable space when they are on their traveling adventures. How cool would it be for all of us to be able to travel internationally, contact your local Moishe House and see if you could spend a few nights in a cozy and nice house, get to know some young and cool Jews, and share your story with other people. I can't wait to do some international Moishe House traveling when I get a chance!!

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