Friday, July 03, 2009


What Makes a MHSF Event Successful?

First and foremost, an event is successful when everyone involved had a good time. Different people can "have a good time" in a number of ways, and that's why the I believe that a good event requires its creation born from a unique idea. Granted, some repeat events, like Shabbat, are wonderful staples that bring a consistent following, and at times new folks. However, I really think that the more peripheral and experimental events are the ones that make a difference between a good house and a great house. Getting a significant number of people to attend a relatively random idea, like Tuesday night Bowling, is a great accomplishment. The key to getting people to come is feeling out what others might want to attend, not necessarily what you'd like to be doing yourself as a house member.

Appealing to your community's interests is difficult, because, at least in San Francisco, the folks coming to our events are quite different. We have people coming who could tell you every player in the major leagues, and folks also come who have no idea of the shape of a baseball. That's a stupid example, but it brings up the important point of the necessity of appealing to your community's interests. That said, while certain general recommendations are an excellent idea to follow, advice taken from another house must be understood with the caveat that everyone's audiences are different.

I think everything that's been said in this blog is accurate, especially those emphasizing planning centered on thought and not necessarily action. I'd say think through an event and ask whether this is a realistic idea that at least a few people will want to attend. Good luck everyone...

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