Wednesday, November 05, 2008


David P, MHSF - 11/5/08

I'm gonna cheat a little bit. I usually don't condone going outside the rules, but in this case I'll make an exception. It's nothing too scathing, don't worry. If I rally wanted to pull a fast one I'd just cut and paste my roommate Ari's blog and claim later that it was he who had hacked into my computer to steal my profound blog wisdom. It's just that usually in my blog I touch upon something from the last calendar month, but I'll be honest, none of it compared to the few hours I spent with some of the Moishe House community last night, on the 4th of November.

There are few moments in our life which we can point to, while there happening, and say, without a doubt, this is something spectacular and it will forever live in my memory. Maybe it's a graduation, a wedding, a birth, or that magical moment when you realize that you are more proud than ever before to tell people what country your from. To share a moment like that with friends makes it all the more meaningful. It felt like I'd always imagined the culmination of a democratic process should; cathartic, overwhelming, and joyous.

Looking around the room as results came in, speeches were made, and countless silent moments were shared, I couldn't feel anything but grateful. After all, what is democracy if not sharing in the accomplishments, defeats, and challenges of those around us. Thank you friends, neighbors, and everyone across the country who helped make this moment happen.

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