Thursday, May 03, 2007


Want to Live and Work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

Here's an email I (Isaac) got from an Israeli young adult I met in Cambodia in December. He's looking for people to take over the work he and his partner were doing there. His name is Omry Revach and his email is -- email him if anyone you know is interested.

"I would like to update you shortly on last month's developments in Phnom Penh:

Ariella (my girlfriend) and I arranged picnics for volunteers, a website and an information center in my shop that in the backpackers area of Phnom Penh (picture attached).
At the same time Ariella and other Belgium friend, Virgine, continue the activities for KLC project (Kids Lake side Creations), this is a project that Ariella setup last June, the first project that enable backpackers to volunteer and contribute to the local children without a long time commitment.

You can see pictures and blog at

I was starting to develop my house (chakra house) to a healing center, even got an article in Asia life Phnom Penh Magazine (see link in but then, a month ago, while watching the Celestine Prophecy I decided to go back to Israel by the end of May, and by that to close a circle of 4 years outside of Israel. The same movie made Ariella decide that she wants to start learning in university this year.

…So, these days we are working to find someone to take over all our current responsibilities (KLC project, VolunteersCambodia website and my shop – Chakra visions), Ariella will continue her traveling for few month in India before she will start social work studies in Jerusalem."

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