Monday, April 10, 2006


Moishe House rolls harder than rock

That's right we are hard core to the max! These last weeks have been all about being hardcore!!! Just take our movie night... Royal Tenenbaums! Does it get any more extreme then that! AHHHHHH!!! you thought that was all but that's just because you don't think outside the box. We do! Outside of the TV BOX! That right it was on the wall, and Royal never looked so good. Not to mention Pagoda!

And lets not forget SHABBAT!!! That's right ladies and gentelmen there's no rest on our day of rest. Not only was there COUS COUS for days but we made two TWO lasagnas with get ready for this... ROASTED RED PEPPERS. no...YES!!!!

POKER NIGHT IS OFF THE HOOK. Imagine if you can 10 people in one gaME!!! IT looked like it was never going to end! For all we know it's still going! Only it's not. it ended. The pay outs were HUGE and Amy and Dena made Annie Duke proud by making it be an all women's heads up match. Women kick ass!!! Especially Moishe Women. They are hard core and EXTREME.

We hope you all have a SMASHING SHABBAT!!! Break that fast like a hammer!

As Always
The Moishe House

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