Monday, March 27, 2006


So Jewish it hurts

Brady is gassy. And sassy. In fact he is a sassy 57 year old nicaraguan woman. I'm serious, I've seen it. Through his clown school he created a clown character based on a paitient at SF general. When I met her I thought she was imitating Brady.

Poker night has become an impromptu affair. As events wind down those remaining in the house start eyeing the crowd to see what comes next... if theres 4 of us its Spades, if there less its karaoke across the street or movies, but whenever we've got a respectable crowd it seems to be poker night. Miriam needs to buy a new needle for her record player so we can return to the cheesy lounge atmosphere that our record collection brings to the table.

A few nights ago during the final 2 minutes of a NCAA game we heard the doorbell ring. Through her abundantly generous spirit, Miriam offered to miss the end of the game to welcome a guest to the house. Much to her suprise upon opening the door she found a horseshoe of a dozen men gathered around our driveway watching two other men fight each other, occasionally running into the garage door and apparently the doorbell as well. She cut herself off at "H-" when she realized that she was about to welcome to moishe house, several people who never intended to visit And after a brief awkwardness, she shut the door.

A couple of weeks ago, we watched an Army of Darkness take over our entire wall. We are set on projecting movies onto our wall because once you go projected you never go back. So, one movie a month will be huge. This coming month it will be The Royal Tenenbaums.

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