Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Calling all young Jews in San Francisco!!!

Lookout young San Francisco Jews. Moishe House San Francisco is officially here! The fun loving quartet of Miriam, Isaac, Brady and Aaron are taking the young Jewish community of SF by storm. With their cozy spot in the heart of the Mission District (30 Cunningham Place), they have already hosted a Hanukkah party for 20, Shabbat dinner for 25 - in conjunction with the missionminyan.org -, and of course super-Jewish and campy movie night showing the one, the only, Wet Hot American Summer. Highlights thus far have been Brady's Hanukkah grab bag gift, "The Color of Ecstacy, Erotic Love Skills" on VHS and of course an epic camp-style fraylach with Isaac on guitar. More fun is just around the corner so stay tuned and drop us a line at moishehousesf@gmail.com to get on the hottest mailing list in town.

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